Content Portfolio

I have written e-books, ghost wrote articles for blogs and businesses, as well as published content under my own name.

While I cover a variety of topics, I focus mostly on scams and how they operate, the effect on victims and how to prevent being scammed.

Understanding the Package Mule Scam

This article shows how the package mule scam operates and how to avoid it. This article uses storytelling to help the reader understand how someone may fall victim to this scam.

Diving into Spam

This is an article I published on Medium that did a deep dive on a spam email I received, how the spammer makes money and why it works.

Email Blackmail Scam

This article talks about a common spam email that people have been receiving. The scam is very simple, but can be scary for those who don't have as much experience with this kind of stuff.

An Ode to the Internet is a short e-book I wrote about how the internet and social media can lead to extremism due to giving constant confirmation bias and creating bubbles.

I also critique the current state of American journalism and explain how we got here in the first place. This is a little different from my usual content, but it is a topic I am very passionate about.


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