About Me

Hey there! I’m James Tuliano, nice to meet you.

If you are an employer, I really appreciate the time you are taking to research me as an applicant. I put a lot of passion into all of the work I do, no matter how big or small, and I hope this little website reflects that.

Full transparency: I am not a traditionally “smart” person. My grades in high school were awful, and my grades in college weren’t anything to write home about either. Despite this, I have accomplished a lot for my age. I am resourceful, curious, emotionally intelligent and personable, and I strongly believe these four traits are what help makes somebody successful. A high GPA can be an indicator of some of these traits, but they aren’t mutually exclusive (and that’s certainly not the case with me).

When I am not writing about scams, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my friends and laying in the sun on a warm beach somewhere. I have had the privilege of being able to travel to some amazing foreign places, which has helped expand my perspectives of the world as well as helped shape my curiosity.

I grew up in a small town located in New Hampshire, and then recently moved to Florida. I like the sun and warm weather, but certainly miss the mountains. I am currently working as a Quality Analyst for my full-time job, am a freelance writer for the app NewsBreak, and I also run a successful cat-themed Instagram page (@MeowedIG). I like to stay busy, but I have learned excellent time management skills so that I never sacrifice the quality of my work.